Both Alexander Graham Bell, commonly known as the inventor of the telephone and Thomas Edison remembered by the creation of a light bulb, would not be the heroes of historical books until now ... if they had not patented their inventions! And although the whole teams of people worked on those objects, history only remembered those who patented them. It is worth to remember and create a competitive advantage - when we are the authors of the invention, the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland may provide us a special protection in the form of exclusive rights.

Our offer related to inventions includes:

• Patentability research (examination of the state of the art)
• Patent purity testing
• Preparation of documents of application for inventions in the national procedure at the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland and international in PCT mode as well as European applications in the European Patent Office (EPO)
• Validation of European patents
• Conducting disputable proceedings in front of the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland (UPRP) and administrative courts
• Preparation of legal opinions regarding patent infringements and acts of unfair competition
• Preparation of patent license agreements
• Assistance in preparing the patent portfolio of the company
• Monitoring the dates of periodic fees for the protection of inventions